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    *on the phone with police after reporting a murder* no you hang up first

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    why don’t people trust their instincts? they sense something’s wrong, someone’s walking too close behind them, you knew something was wrong — but you came back into the house. did I force you? did I drag you in? all i had to do was offer you a drink. you’d never think the fear of offending can be stronger than the fear of pain.

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    freddy newandyke (mr. orange) in primary colors

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    everyone: are you okay
    everyone: you look tired
    everyone: you look upset
    everyone: you look confused
    everyone: are you mad at me
    everyone: what happened to you
    everyone: are you sick
    me: IT'S MY FACE
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craig chill out man


    craig chill out man

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    dat small meow

    This looks like baby Nancy.

    AW ^_^

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    Anonymous said: I joined your blog late... are you gay? Or bi? You're hot tho.




    kinda offended @ how straight isn’t even an option tbh like I think I deserve the benefit of the doubt 

    you literally said that you wanted some guy to fist you so hard that your organs get turned in a milkshake and it seeps out of you now gaped asshole……


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